Wednesday, June 27, 2007

have you walked your office furniture lately?

I moved into my new design studio almost 2 months ago and it's mostly settled now. I'm trying to incoporate green living into my everyday life and anything "new" that I need for the studio I'm trying to get either used, vintage, eco-friendly, or make it myself. Which is sometimes easier said than done. I'm also trying not to shop at big, corporate giants and get everything as local as possible.
I've been desperately needing a good office chair, so when I discovered Two Jakes right around the corner from my apartment I was very excited. They have piles of old vintage office furniture and the people there are really nice and actually know some history about furniture. The other challenge with living in NY is not having a car. So while the walk to Two Jakes from my studio seemed quite short, on the way home, with the new/used office chair in tow, it seemed so much longer. Good thing vintage chairs are made with good, sturdy wheels. We had a nice walk home.

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