Friday, July 27, 2007

these shoes were made for walkin'...

Someone recently pointed me to this site - - and it's pretty cool. Just type in your address and it tells you how "walkable" you are. I leave the math figuring up to the WalkScore people, but it looks like it's some combo of how close you are to restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc. Not everything is up-to-date, like they left off my fave coffee shop Crest Cafe. But maybe they're just one step ahead of me and know Crest is closed for the next couple weeks. Ha. Of course they're one step ahead.

My design studio scored a lovely 77 on a scale of 1 to 100. 100 being most walkable. My parents in rural Michigan are a whopping 8! I guess that's why my dad's the one with the pick-up truck and my only wheels are my bike.

Happy walking!


  1. Nice post! Do those shoes have any sole left? Yes, very curious what happens to show up in their database. Hey while my house on the west side of town scored a 51, some friends of mine more downtown A2 scored near 90! Where'd you hear about WalkScore?

  2. Perhaps they'll have to start a BikeScore, too. Your house would be pretty bikeable. I heard about WalkScore from the great people on the list serv at o2Michigan.

    Those shoes are about to be retired, but we all know I have trouble throwing things away. I'll have to turn them into a shoe planter or something...