Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a whole row of beef jerky?

My recent trip to Nashville reminded me what an oversized and disposable society we live in. I spent most of last week visiting some good friends who recently had their first child. And boy do babies create a lot of waste! We're talking 10 plus diapers a day! I'm well-aware that cloth diapers aren't for everyone. And for such little people, babies sure go through a lot of laundry, paper towels, and wet wipes.

While there I also took a trip to Costco and Sam's Club. I live in Brooklyn, NY where space is expensive and buying in bulk really isn't an option for most items. But in Middle America, where most houses have loads of space, supersizing is the name of the game. I found strange humor in a row at one of the stores partially dedicated to Beef Jerky. And when I took my own shopping bags to the grocery store I got an odd look from the sales clerk. The good news is when I stopped by their local farmer's market, one chatty farmer told me how business has been picking up and there's more interest in knowing what you're growing.

In the meantime I'm happy to be back in NY with my local greenmarket nearby. All-in-all I think I'll stick to my own cloth hankys and reusable tote bags. But you do have to admit that kid sure is cute.

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