Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Like I said in my most recent post - you don't need to go overboard giving gifts, but when the gifts are really special, they can make the gift giver happy, too.

I have so many wonderful friends who create their own fantastic items, often for sale, I thought I'd talk 'em up a bit here. My friends are so talented!

Urban Fairies - I just got my niece a copy of Jonathan's latest book. (I hope my 6 year old niece isn't reading my blog). This book is so magical! Jonathan, the certified fairyologist, has documented the arrival of fairies in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He took drawings that children did of the fairies and drew his interpretation of them. And both the children's drawings and Jonathan's drawings are so fantastic! He's such a talented guy. Sure, he can be a little disgusting sometimes, but talented he is, too.

Garbage of Eden Design - pick up a pair of green earrings, not only green in color, but green because they're upcycled, too. Stephanie makes lots of stuff out of recycled bags, but the earrings are a classic... in a new green movement type of way.

Pink Graffiti - everything that Lesley makes is cool. Especially check out the handmade, appliqued clothing. Oh, and the puzzle earrings. And the plastic action figure earrings. Ok. Like I said, everything this girl makes is cool.

AuH2O - Kate Goldwater makes affordable handmade items out of vintage and recycled clothes. Affordable and recycled? No one can beat that. If you're in NYC, stopping by her store in the East Village is a must. It's super cute.

Challengher NYC - Christine's shop is super cute, too. And she not only has tons of great screenprinted items, like on her website, she has unique clothing and accessories that ooze both sophistication and stylishness. And those are hard things to ooze at the same time.

Wonderthreads - Diana is a wonder with thread, that's for sure. Her baby clothes are definitely cute, but for those of us that are a little too big for toddler size 4, she makes big kid clothes, too. Like the big kid giraffe t-shirt and a big kid Big Wheel t-shirt. Because some of us may look grown up, but we still like to play, too.


  1. I really likle these ideas! I love to give baby clothes and adding something to them like this would make it special!

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