Wednesday, February 20, 2008

what to do with an old snowboard?

I found an old snowboard sadly laying on the sidewalk in Brooklyn the other night. It was much happier when a friend and I picked it up instead of leaving it to a life with the NYC Department of Sanitation. And my friend was right - people do get out of your way when you're walking down the street carrying a snowboard.

Now - any ideas out there on what to make out of it?

A swing perhaps? A bench? And if a bench, any ideas on what to use for legs? Wood is the easiest material to work with, but perhaps not the most appropriate looking material with the thin snowboard. Ideas are welcome!


  1. Neither of these are too original, but I've see an Adirondack type chair made out of hockey sticks. I typed that in to Google and look what came up:

    I also thought that the snowboard would better be suited for a table. I was thinking of a coffee table or taller table used in a hallway to put your keys on as you walk through the door. I also Googled this idea and saw a snowboard coffee table:

    Either way, it's going to be a happy board.

  2. Mount it on the wall with hooks on for coats?

  3. Hey - those are all great ideas!
    I like the look of the thin metal legs supporting the coffee table. Slick.

  4. I like the coat rack idea :) also, how about a shoe/boot rack for when you enter your home/apt? Maybe raise it off the ground by a foot or so, so you can put shoes on top and below... I could actually use one-a those :)

  5. I've been looking at building a bench out of old snowboards as well, you can make a good one with another board as a back (check around and you can get another for really cheap second hand) as for what to make the frame out of, I'm going to go with aluminum piping, it's not too expensive and really easy to use some short lengths some 90 degree angle connectors, just make sure to reinforce the bottom a bit, cause snowboards have a good deal of flex.

  6. ooh - shoe rack or double snowboard bench.
    you guys are awesome.
    I wonder if there's any scrap material I can make the supports out of...
    What about crutches? Might not be the best aesthetic with the snowboard. But I've only been skiing and I suspect if I did go snowboarding it might end with crutches... Like a previous rollerblading injury I had near 34th St. in NYC.

  7. I'd make it into a shelf myself... some cheap metal brackets and tada!
    a place to display all your other crafty re purposed items!

  8. what about a door (or doors, if cut) for a cabinet that is roughly the same size?

    it might have more impact that way...

    -- n.

  9. how bout a little table like for a foyer, or like a small appartment hallway, to place ur keys on.(in a recycled china bowl) or course.BUt i also like the idea of a bench, u could use some stury boots (moon) or another style, and put 2x4 inside the "legs" of the boots.There u have it cool looking legs for the bench, using cool tall boots or .Then u have the old snowboard, supported by old ski/snowboard/ or moon boots.See it's a "theme" project. Ha! I started typing this, then i saw wendy h said something about using it for a hallway table too! LOL!

  10. 2 years ago, but definately a shelf w/ L brackets supporting it. same with surf or boogie boards :)

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