Monday, April 28, 2008

Go Green!

Thanks to everyone who turned out for Earth Day festivities this past week!

Above are some pictures of some kids (of all ages) making cereal box wallets.

One little girl even told me she loved her new wallet. That just made my day. Happy Earth Day!


  1. I like your cereal box wallet idea. It reminds me of Ana's old deli cup wallet. They might make for good travel wallets since I would think they'd be less likely to be pickpocketed... (although Ana's was... so maybe that's not true).

    On another note: You might think about what you could use those #7 Nalgene bottles for. With all the bad press they're getting I'm thinking people will be looking to get rid of them soon, and I don't think they're recyclable. Here's one cool product that I've seen for them.

  2. what a great solar light!

    I got a great stainless steel water bottle from Gaiam last year and take it every where I go. In fact, it got to tag along with me to California last week.

    Here's the link: