Sunday, June 8, 2008

TerraCycle - worm poop and more!

If you haven't heard of TerraCycle, well now you have. They're a fast growing eco-powerhouse that produces both eco-friendly products AND packages them in reclaimed materials. How cool is that? They got their start with Worm Poop and package it in soda bottles collected by students. Students raise money. Students learn about recycling. Terracycle gets inexpensive packaging. AND the bottles stay out of landfills. Brilliant? Yes.

I visited their New Jersey office earlier this week and they have mountains of discarded materials just waiting to be turned into new! It's like a big playground of scrap just itchin' to be given a second life. And what better person to help them with that, than me? Keep an eye on them. Lots of new, good, recycled stuff coming soon...


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