Wednesday, November 5, 2008

good Times!

I'm very pleased to share that our ReMake It recycling kits have found their way into the gradaddy of news reporting in this fine town - the New York Times! Woo hoo!!! And what a nice article, too.

"There is so much garbage, why not use it?" Maybe our next project will be upcycling newspapers.

Hurray for recycling and do-it-yourselfing!


  1. newspaper could be made into anything! sounds like time for some messy paper mache fun!!

  2. Well done on the NYT... we love your blog, keep at it!

  3. This is just fantastic! I love the ability to change bottles.
    I am so happy i found you =)
    Do you have plans for all the leftover election signs??


  4. hey there MaryBeth - I found this link on Apartment Therapy's re-nest site for election sign ideas. I like the idea for reusing ones for future elections - just put a big sticker over the year. Or a bird house. Good luck!