Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Garbage Outreach Co-ordinator enters the scene!

Hey RePlayground readers,
I'm very excited to make my official entrance on the RePlayground blog
as Garbage Outreach Co-Ordinator! My goal is to give you the tools and
inspiration to get creative with your garbage, and bring
sustainability back in style. You may have seen me on this blog before here, sporting some recycled sweater projects here, and talkin' trash over here.

I am a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where I earned a degree in Liberal Arts, studying subjects ranging from visual art to economic theory to sustainable development. I am passionate about artistic ventures that promote awareness of resource use and human connection to natural cycles. I also love bike touring (slow travel!) and teaching yoga to kids.

I have been lucky enough to work with design extraordinaire TiffanyTomato since June, and in that time I've been inspired to re-examine my relationship to temporal, disposable materials. Recycling and re-purposing are all about changing the way we look at objects, giving them new value instead of burying them in a landfill. In this way, re-purposing materials is both value creation and personal expression in a medium that is unique to your imagination.

Look for more posts by me, Garbage Outreach Coordinator, as well as info about upcoming RePlayground events in NYC.

Yours in Garbage Outreach,
~Carly Miller

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