Sunday, March 22, 2009

Send your used CDs our way!

Hey there recycling enthusiasts! We're getting ready for Earth Day month and are looking for used CDs to use in recycling projects. Obsolete data and music CDs of all kinds are welcome. If you have more than 250 of 'em, email us at moreinfo [at] replayground [dot] com and we'll arrange to have them sent to us so you don't have to pay shipping charges. If you have less than 100, but are looking for a good place to recycle them, send them to us here.

And if you're in the New York City area during April, be sure to visit us at the Bronx Zoo April 4 -19, 25, and 26 and Earth Day NY at Grand Central Station, April 24 - 25 and participate in free recycling projects. Hurray for recycling!


  1. I LOVE your site...
    Because I a re-junker too...
    love that barbie stuff... too fun, wish I'd thought of it... smile.

    It's so fun to figure out how to reuse and reassign uses for old things that we don't need anymore. I love the creativity of people who make and use things over and have fun doing it. Great job.

  2. So ... are you gonna share some of the crafting ideas for the CDs? :)

  3. Hi Junglegirl - yes - it's great fun to figure out how to reuse what some consider waste and turn it into home decor.

    And Nonie - we're using the CDs to make CD suncatchers - which you can make for yourself from the DIY project on our website -

    happy recycling!