Sunday, June 21, 2009

Design challenge : shower curtains

A friend of mine recently replaced his shower curtain and instead of trashing it he sent it my way. After washing, there was really nothing wrong with it - he just wanted a refresher. But, like me, he felt bad throwing out something seemingly so useful.

We came across this rain poncho project from Threadbanger on Instructables.

It's a really durable vinyl material. And I bet, just like billboard material, it sews up really well. Maybe something bathroom related like a cosmetic pouch.

Anyone have any ideas out there to share?
If you're lucky, there could be a big piece of shower curtain material in it for you...


  1. I'd be inclined to make it into outdoor cushions or pillows. I hate going outside a couple of hours after a summer rain shower and sitting on what look like dry cushions, only to have them turn out to be still wet.

  2. i was thinking today about the incessant rain, and even on a day where it's not rainy, the ground is still soaked, and how a waterproof blanket would be nice. particularly if it were lined so the bottom was waterproof but the top was a nice fabric. ideas?

  3. Hey!

    Shower curtains can be turned into pool and beach floaties of all sizes and shapes!

    They can also be turned into backpacks, table "cloths",.. or car and motorcycle covers..


  4. or turn them into toddler mattress covers...

  5. Hey there - thanks for all the ideas! These are great! Keep 'em comin'

  6. With a punch, a crochet hook and some scrap yarn you could make a bath mat.

    You also could sew it up, waterproof the seams and then use it as a dry bag when kayaking, canoeing or camping.[