Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DIY Transit-card Christmas ornament

All you need is six metrocards to make this sturdy, geometric ornament that's sure to impress your Christmas guests!

1. Start by folding one metrocard in half, in both directions. Make all your folds in both directions to deepen the creases.

2. Now that you've got your center line, fold both edges of the card in toward the center. This will make two intersection triangle creases

3. This part is a little tricky: unfold your creases and you'll see that there are four triangles created between the folds (an X shape). Pinch the two side triangles in toward the center, and press down the new triangle forming on the end

repeat step 2 for the other side, so your metrocard now looks like a diamond with frog legs!

3. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for all six metrocards

4. The next step is locking all the cards together. Although this seems difficult, it's based on a simple idea: locking the two different triangles made by the folded flaps.

Once the first few snap into place, it's like a light-switch turning on: you'll get it.

Use a safety pin to punch a hole in one of the geometric sides and string fishing line though, then hang on the tree!

For more photos, check out the metrocard ornament on my favorite craft site, instructables

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