Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sometimes it's ok to throw things away

I caught my lovely and talented friend Mama Spell performing her variety show at Otto's Shrunken Head a few weeks ago. We were talkin' trash after the show and discussing the benefits to reusing garbage and turning it into new. The discussion led to her friend who is a pack rat and never throws anything away. But also never really intends to use or reuse those items. Like stacks of newspapers. 3 broken printers. If they don't work now, they don't exactly heal themselves. Remember - when stuff is taking up space, that's wasting precious resources, too. Inspired, Mama wrote and recorded a rough of this totally sweet and trashy song - Garbage Song.

Love it!! Because if you can't reuse it, you just gotta let it go. If I accepted all of the trash that people offered me, I would have no room to move. And if I couldn't move, that would make my design projects pretty difficult to work on.

Everyone together now, "It's ok to throw things away. Not everything was meant to stay...."
It's catchy.

ps. If you're in the NYC area, let Mama put you under her laughing spell every Wednesday's at Ottos.

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