Friday, June 17, 2011

Light up your dad’s day with this smokin’ cigar box desk tray

Dads are super-special people. They teach you everything they know and the credit they take is watching you grow. Do something special this dad’s day – make him something and share your crafty love.

We created this smokin’ cigar box organizer just for Craftzine and are happy to share it with you, too. Head on over there for the complete step-by-step and craft up an organizer that’s perfect for any dad – office essentials, tool organizer, fishing lures. Most any type of dad can use a little help with organizing.

If your dad doesn’t smoke cigars, no problem – swing by a smoke shop and ask for an empty box. That’s how I snagged mine. This project is a great way to show how much you care and it’s easy on the wallet, too. Your dad will beam with pride when you show him you were paying attention during his lesson on frugality.

I miss you daddy!
Thanks for everything you taught me!

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