Monday, February 27, 2012

Rock 'n Recycle

Be a recycling rock star! This Pick Punch is an easy way to make upcycled guitar picks! This punch would be a great way to upcycle old credit cards, hotel room keys, records, plastic packaging and more. To find out more, see:

image via Pick Punch

If you'd like to make your own upcycled record guitar pick from scratch, try this method: On the edge of an old record, draw an outline of a pick with a permanent marker. Place the record inside of an old t-shirt and heat the record with a clothing iron until the section of the record you are using is pliable. Using a scissor, cut around the outline. Be careful, the record will be hot! You will want to cut the record immediately, as the record will cool quickly. Sand the edges down until the pick is smooth.

Rock n' recycle away!

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