Thursday, May 31, 2012

This mortarboard clock project is ready to graduate!

For all of you recent graduates out there, here’s a great project that scores an "A" for upcycling. I dug into my project archives from Craftzine and pulled out this great clock project. It only takes a few minutes to turn your mortarboard into a timely memento. The number on the tassel can correspond to the appropriate hour on the clock. Since this is 2012, it’s the last year you’ll have for a while that corresponds directly to the clock numbers. This is a great time to upcycle!

Materials: Graduation cap Tassel Clock mechanism Needle nosed pliers Wire cutters X-acto knift Needle and thread or glue gun (for attaching the year charm from the tassel)
1. Remove the button from the center of the graduation cap with pliers and wire cutters. If it’s really stuck in there, just keep working at it by wiggling around the pliers. Cut off the post with the wire cutters.

2. Take your pliers and X-acto knife and widen the hole in the center until the clock mechanism shaft fits through. Secure in place with the bolt. Add hands to the clock.

3. Remove the year charm from the tassel and place on the appropriate space on the clock. We used the year ’09 so we placed it at the 9 o’clock position. Either stitch it in place or hot glue it on. Your new clock is ready to go straight to the head of the class.

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