Monday, January 7, 2013

A dog to the rescue!

My favorite holiday gift was something that I picked out all by myself and was recycled, too! I'm pleased to share that the newest addition to my household is Tomatilla (Tia for short) who I found through Operation Ava in Philadelphia. She's super tiny at only about 8 pounds, but makes up for it with whole lot of personality and love. She was found on the streets of North Philly and they estimate her age at about 3 years old. She came very well trained and luckily does not have the habits of a yippy dog.

This Pomeranian is the best thing I could've brought home for the holidays and was a huge hit with my niece and nephew. I absolutely love her. One of my friends even called her the "cutest dog in the world" Her words, not mine. Although I do agree. I highly recommend getting your own rescue dog to spreading more recycled pet love.

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