Wednesday, September 26, 2007

free stuff!

People can't pass up free stuff (myself included). That's why, as I've been cleaning out stuff an old roommate left behind, I decided to give people passing by the first go at it.

Now I've never met this roommate, but I keep finding her belongings in every hard to reach corner in this place. Why she thought it was ok to leave this behind I'll never know. Perhaps she knew I wouldn't throw everything out, rather I'd have a moral conscious about getting rid of it and I'd take the time to sort through it and donate it to the appropriate places. So yesterday was my first attempt at getting rid of a pile. Here are photos from that attempt:

10 am
2 boxes + 2 bags of random stuff are set out on the street and marked with the words "WOW! FREE STUFF!"

view from above

11 am
Everything gone except some stuff in 1 box! Within an hour someone even took the Furby (it still worked because once I put it in the box it kept talking. I'm certain he's happy in his new home)

What??? More stuff??? Apparently we inspired a neighbor to also get rid of things. 2 odd tables and a wobbly vanity appeared next to the last of our items.

I guess that's the story of my life. I try to get rid of things, but I just end up with more than I started with. "I'm sure I need this mannequin leg! What a great lamp it will make someday! Ooh and this vaccum cleaner, too!"

Note: All the remaining items at the end of this day will be donated to Salvation Army. I have enough projects waiting to be remade in my design studio as it is. Although, those old pots and pans might make an interesting clock...

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  1. I bet whoever took that Furby is selling it on ebay right now!