Monday, September 24, 2007

I heart Etsy Labs!

Have I told you how cool Etsy Labs is?

On Monday nights in Brooklyn, Etsy Labs has craft night and invites people into their lab with open (and FREE) arms. And regular people like me can come and use their equipment.

See, I've been considering buying a serger. (a serger is a supa-fancy sewing machine that makes nice edges on things.) But I've only used it once before and it's like a crazy maze to get 4 different strands of thread to go through at the right place. So it's much nicer when you can go somewhere and someone helps you to figure out the maze. Otherwise, I'd still be lost in a big pile of pink and black thread.

Or do you live outside the NYC area and hate it when I tell you about all the cool things going on around this town? Well, come visit then. This is a nice place.

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