Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy 100 mile Thanksgiving!

I've been blogging a lot about local food and the 100 mile diet lately, so what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than surrounded with good local food and good friends? I'm making dinner, so stay tuned to see how it turns out. This morning I picked up the turkey at the Green Market from Tamarack Hollow Farm. They're techically a little more than 100 miles away, but they told me all about their turkeys and how happy they were and how much room they had to play. Which is probably more space than I have in my Brooklyn, NY apartment. And even though the bird is from a little more than 100 miles away I'm not going to split hairs, or in this case, feathers over it. Local is local and this bird was driven from the farm directly to the market.

Happy Thanksgiving you all!


  1. Tiffany - I just subscribed to your blog. As I was reading over the past posts I saw your comment: "they (Tamarack Hollow Farm) told me all about their turkeys and how happy they were and how much room they had to play." This reminded me of the poultry I recently purchased that had a story. Murray's Chicken is allows you to verify (aka track) where your chicken originated. When you enter your code, you read a neat little story about where they came from i.e. the Lancaster family who's raising chickens. Great stuff. Here's the link:

  2. Hey Wendy - that's neat that Murray's Chicken lets you track your food. Knowing the "story" behind where my food comes from makes me more aware of what I'm eating. That's why I like farmer's markets - because I actually interact with the people that grow my food. They can tell me that this is the best year ever for apples, or that the funny shaped summer squash taste really good sauteed.

    That's why I like designing with garbage, too. There's a past history to where my items have been. It's well traveled garbage and in its new design it has a story to tell. "I used to be a box of cookies and now I'm a journal". <- that was one of my notebooks if it could talk.