Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Join the Recycling Justice League!

Remember the Justice League from your cartoon days? Well, my good friend Kellie and I decided we're going to start the Recycling Justice League! And there's certainly enough garbage out there to attack, so we're inviting you to join us. In the comments section of this post, just write about who you wanna be. It can be an exisiting character or your own made up one.

Kellie wants to be Flash, but have the "F" stand for felting since she felts cool stuff from recycled sweaters. Don't know what felting is? Well, check out her website. I either want to be the green guy (I'd be the Green Tomato?) or the yellow and black lady. She's already in good shape, so she must be able to kick recycling butt.

Where are we going with this? Geez, I dunno. But isn't it fun to pretend you're a superhero once in a while?

Watch out garbage - here we come!!!!


  1. How exciting!! I had to look this up on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justice_League because I have no idea what it is (I grew up in England)but I reckon the Green Arrow dude suits me - he dresses like Robin Hood and is from Nottingham, as am I! Green Arrow, yeah, that's me!

    I see on wikipedia that another character is "Plastic Man", so I'm nominating Liana because she's already Plastic Girl :) http://www.lianakabel.blogspot.com/

    We'll make a great team!!

  2. Welcome to the RJL, Nicola from Acorn Studios!

    We have another team member, Diana from Wonder Threads who says, "Count me in! I think I should be Wonder Woman.
    In the show, her alter ego was Diana, and my company is wonder threads.... awesome!"

    Yep. I agree. Awesome!

  3. i would love to be in the RJL!!!

    is Batman taken? i am in love with him, and he loves to 'graffiti' gotham with his bat symbol.

    thank you! i'm so excited!

    Pink Graffiti