Monday, March 31, 2008


I had some friends over for brunch yesterday. We of course used lots of fresh veggies and fruit, which created a decent amount of composting scrap. I saved a big bag of apple and potato peels, tied it up and put it in my freezer and thought nothing of it. But one friend just looked questioningly at me - my friends know I don't throw anything away, but apple peels?

I found out recently that the Union Square Green Market will take compost every day they're open which is 4 x a week. It's a way better solution than experimenting with compost in my mini patio at my small Brooklyn pad.

They offered a great tip - to freeze the compost on the off days you're not stopping by the market; thus my freezer bag of compost. Not only does this create great new soil, rather than landfilling it - it also keeps the little garbage I do generate from getting smelly.

Some people have 7 year old blackberries in their freezer and others... compost.


  1. yeah, we saw that service when we were in town and stopped by that market. meant to say something to you about it.

  2. That is such a cool idea.
    We don't have anything like that here in my small city... but perhaps when I get some land I can set it up!

    I'm going to try the mini compost on my balcony (it gets a lot of direct afternoon sun so it will keep even a tiny composter warm).

  3. Hey - Shannon - yeah I was able to sniff out the compost on my own. And when I mean sniff...

    And Meagan (the composting monster?) has some great composting resources on her blog here

  4. So glad to know I'm not the only person who does this! I keep a bag of scraps in my freezer too and haul them down to Union Square once a month or so. I live in a small studio so composting just isn't practical for me and I'm glad to have a place to drop it off!

  5. Why don't you start a worm compost bin Tiffany? We have one, and we freeze our peelings 1st before it goes in the worm bin, to kill fruit flies :) .

    We made ours out of an old rubbermaid tote box, drilled holes in the sides. There's always people (up here in Edmonton anyways) giving away the worms on Freecycle.

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