Saturday, October 25, 2008

colorful AND crunchy

As I ate my breakfast this morning, I glanced into my bowl of granola and thought to myself, "wow - I really am crunchy."

Everything in the bowl is from the farmer's market - the honey toasted granola, the seasonal fruit, and the maple syrup yogurt. And once upon a time I even handpainted the bowl itself when I worked at Our Name is Mud. Local, seasonal, handmade.... crunchy.

I've always known I'm part hippie. My parents met in the Peace Corps. I've been taught to live with as small of an eco-footprint as possible. I buy all of my clothes either from thrift stores (check out Beacon's Closet the next time you're in Williamsburg) or handmade (Etsy is a great place for that). Well, there are a few clothing exceptions. We'll just say the majority of my clothes are vintage and handmade. But that doesn't mean that everything has to be shades of brown and gray. Crunchy can be full of color!

Upon further inspection of my wardrobe I realize I don't currently own, nor ever have owned a pair of Birkenstocks. And I've never really cared for their clunky style anyway. Maybe I'm only 50% hippie.

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