Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Talkin' Trash take 2

It's amazing what people throw away!

What would you do with a toy army tank, a toy bus, a mop handle, an old clock, a football, a bucket, and everything else left in the garbage in the Williamsburg hood last night?

Carly, Steph, and I set out to inspire others to do more with their garbage than just throw it out. In just a few hours we turned the toy army tank into a clock, the toy bus into a silverware dish drainer device, the football into a purse, a bucket into a padded stool, a pile of wood into a dog house, a mop handle into a drying rack and more.
Actually, we didn't do the turning, but we left talk bubbles that suggest these "trash formations".

Living in New York and being limited on space, you can't take everything useful home with you. But you can encourage others to scavenge what's on the street and turn it into new. Plus it'll hopefully it gives the garbage men a new way of looking at that pile of wood in the morning.

Stay tuned for more adventures in Talkin' Trash. To read the first of our finds look here.

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