Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Green in bklyn

I noticed this cute little store opening its doors this spring and finally got the chance to check out the goods. Green In Bklyn, at 432 Myrtle Ave., is "the one-stop shop for a greener home & life". It's chock full of home goods, gifts, personal care, baby items and more - beautifully curated and displayed.

Its president, Elissa Olin, says that her goal is to make it "easy, convenient and fun" to go green. She's worked at other retail stores that offered "things you wanted but nothing you needed" and hopes that Green In Bklyn will be able to hit both wants and needs.

I spotted CFLs, reusable shopping bags, glasses made from recycled bottles, my favorite organic hair pomade, and more. It's great to have a store in the neighborhood that offers not just cute and eco-friendly gifts, but also easy-to-find alternatives to the toxic cleaning products you'll find at the bodega down the street. I hope Green in Bklyn's efforts will show people how easy and affordable it can be to go a little greener. Check out their website and blog for more information and inspiration!

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