Sunday, May 17, 2009


Why buy new when you can buy used?

My good ole reliable Mac was starting to do some not-so-reliable things. So I knew it was time for a refresher. Instead of buying a brand new computer, I bought a new-to-me version. Mine is almost as pimped out as the latest version, but the refurbished version saved me 400 buckaroos.

The next time you're looking for a new Apple, check out the refurbished section. It's not just computers - it's iPods, too. It'll save you some green, and since it's refurbished it'll come with that nice recycling smell.

Plus, to show my new computer that I care, I made it a brand new custom tote, made from lovely recycled billboard material. Woo hoo for recycling!


  1. that's a GORGEOUS looking tote bag

  2. gonna have to check out the apple referbished stuff more often... my ipod died.
    love anything recycling...

  3. fantastic tote, where ever did you find the material??

  4. thanks for your comments! The billboard material is remnants from projects I'm doing for TerraCycle - They make products from used billboards. It starts off pretty dirty, but nothing that a good cleaning with TerraCycle all purpose cleaner won't fix.

  5. Refurbishing is an important way to recycle! My cell phone carrier offers me a selection of new phones for free or really cheap every time I renew my contract, so this time, instead of a new one that I either wear out or throw in a drawer at the end of 2 years, I opted for a refurb -- a totally cool phone/PDA combo that I got for just $39!! I feel as smart as my "smart" phone! :)