Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crafting a green community in Flatbush

Sustainable Flatbush is a great example of a community bonding through building a green lifestyle. As a non-profit, they pursue their mission of creating an equal-opportunity, sustainable neighborhood through the arts, forums, volunteer groups, gardening workshops, livable streets initiatives, and partnerships with local businesses.

Sustainable Flatbush is mobilizing the neighborhood around their Zero Waste initiative, which addresses re-purposing from multiple angles - composting, upcycling, and swap events.

Menu snowflakes, from Greening Flatbush craft event at Vox Pop cafe

Magazine snowflakes make great projects for neighborhood events!

Join in, and check out the vibrantly overflowing Sustainable Flatbush calender for lots of green activities in the neighborhood.


  1. Those are actually supposed to be flowers! :)

  2. I agree, these look like flowers, not like snowflakes. BTW, why would a Floridian make snowflakes, anyway???