Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Crafternoon!

My lovely crafty buddies swung by the RePlayGround yesterday for a SuperFun SuperCrafternoon!

It was a free form craft party and clothing swap all in one. Since it was Super Bowl Sunday cheese-flavored snacks that turn your fingers orange were promised. Of course I got the organic kind and they turned out to be more yellow than orange. But people were too busy cutting and sewing up a recycled storm to notice.

Naomi and friends whipped up some old-sweater whales in no time.

Leslie crafted up some lovely slippers from an old scarf, sweater, and some billboard material.

even more crafty goodness after the jump!

Ana made a brand spankin' new necktie gadget case.

Matt and Mandy followed suit.

And since nothing goes to waste 'round these parts, they transformed the remaining necktie parts into stylin' headbands.

Josette even learned how to knit from the lovely Riva (wearing freshly swapped cowboy and Indian earrings). Wow! Look at how much she already has done!

And everyone got a chance to pick up some new threads from the clothing swap. Sometimes to refresh your closet, you just need to pick out a few things and switch with the person next to you. See Abby and myself here with new-to-us clothes, courtesy of each other. We were debating whether it's more rewarding to be the one to find a fun new garment in the pile, or to see someone excitedly taking something that you brought that you just didn't want anymore.
Both, I think.

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