Monday, May 31, 2010

Fine (Trashy) Art

A lot of RePlayGround projects tend to go in a more practical direction, but we appreciate upcycling in all its forms. Check out a few artists who are doing amazing things with garbage.

El Anatsui
, a Ghanaian living and working in Nigeria, collects scrap metal like bottle tops and printing plates for his large-scale work.

Federico Uribe makes vibrant "paintings" with shoelaces and sculptures with castoffs like plastic forks.

And American artist Phoebe Tree makes "Smart Art" with, well, just about anything she can find!

Beautiful objects re-branded from the garbage heap - always inspiring. And this sampling is just the tip of the iceberg so be sure to check out the artists' websites and be on the lookout for more beautiful work made from "trash"!

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  1. there are some funky ideas on this herer blog and some lvoely items as a result of recycling, thanks for sharing