Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ReMake It Kit Sheds New Light on Re-Purposed Art Exhibit

RePlayGround's Bottle Lamp ReMake It Kit makes a star appearance at Resurrection ECO-logy and ECO-nomy trash-art exhibit in Boulder, Colorado (coordinated by Jennifer Heath). Resurrections is an exhibit filled with talented artists and designers who make functional art pieces from traditionally discarded items.

Reclaiming our resources and space on this planet with a beautiful artistic flair, this exhibit is an inspiration to garbage enthusiasts everywhere!

RePlayGround is honored to be an exhibitor, check out the bottle lamp lit below -

an amazing bottle cap bowl,

and a multi-material garbage chair,


  1. Hi ! I first want to give you a thunbs up for this great blog, awareness is the beginning of everything, especially when it comes to saving the environment.
    I have a "but" too though : many of the recycle-reuse tips here are based on the idea that those materials are not being recycled in any way by for example the government. I do not know how it is where you live of course, but where i live, everything is collected and recycled : paper, glass, metal, plastics, greens and "the rest". Is that not common where you live ?

  2. Hi Meikoningin! Thanks for the comment.

    Yes, a lot of materials are recycled by the government, including here in NYC - but what a lot of people don't think about is that the recycling process itself uses a lot of energy and fossil fuel, and can be pretty wasteful. And a lot of energy has gone into making those glass bottles, so why not try to give them a second life in their existing form, instead of converting them straight back into a raw material?

    We think recycling is great, but repurposing can be better (and more fun!). We're just trying to encourage people to take a closer look at the valuable items they might otherwise just throw in the trash without a second thought.

  3. @Abby Kelly. Thank you for pointing out that "recycling" in itself uses a lot of energy and can be wasteful. Most people are unaware of that fact. Best thing is to simply reduce what we use in the first place. AND, I love repurposing. It is fun!!!

  4. Ok....we've just picked our jaw off of the desk - AMAZING pictures...we don't even know where to start - yep....we're hooked on your blog
    I'm planning to buy recycled cheap sheds and I'll modify it then sell at a higher price. I'm so clever haha...